Deosai road condition

Astore to Deosai Road , Deosai a bridge between Skardu and Astore

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The Deosai National Park is a high-altitude alpine plain and national park in the Northern Pakistan region of Gilgit Baltistan. Deosai Plains are situated at a sea level of 4,114 metres and the world second-highest plateaus. Which is located on the verge of Skardu city. Deosai National park is the home of endangered species brown bear and white bear. It is known to be the hub of herbs of roughly 10,000 species. More than a few decades ago, local herbal specialists pile up hundreds of kilos of herbs from Deosai for treatment purposes every year. Drive through Deosai road is nothing more than a life-threatening challenge. Astore to Deosai road condition is pretty good for jeep and not recommended to take a trip via domestic cars.

Deosai is the grassland of more than ten villages, they pasture their cattle in the summer season. Before the inception of any road in the region, locals used to travel and transport their goods via Deosai to nearby areas.

Deosai Road Condition

To reach the rooftop of Deosai, Deosai road starts from Skardu city. You have to peddle off to Deosai by crossing the home of mountaineering legend Muhammad Ali Sadpara.

  • The Deosai Road starts from Skardu by crossing Sadpara village.
  • After Sadpara, the next destination is the Deosai top.
  • Two routes: Shatung Nala and next is the route to Chilim.
  • On the Chilim route, the three most visited places of Deosai falls; Kala Pani (Naqpo Cho), Badha Pani and Sheosar lake.
  • From Chilim, again there’s a two option; road towards Astore valley and Gultari (Mini Deosai) village.
  • Gultari road connects to Minimarg valley.
  • Astore road towards Gilgit. Astore to Deosai road condition is not a 32ft widen road.
  • Minimarg and Astore both are also interconnected. (Read about Jeep road from Minimarg to Astore).
  • Deosai road only opens in summer.In winter, the connection via this route breaks due to snow fall in Baltistan region.
  • This road only opens in between May to August for tourist and travellers.

There are two branches to the road just after touching the peak of the mighty grassland.

1- Road to Shatung Nala

2- Road to Kala Pani

Deosai Road Map

Shatung Nala Road

Shatung Nala road ends somewhere in the heavens of Deosai. It is no projected road, which took shape after several travellers followed the mark.

Kala Pani Road

If you are visiting for the first time, you must follow this route without any second thought. This Deosai road leads you to the amazing spots of the second-highest plateau in the world.

Kala Pani, Badha Pani (Naqpo Choo in local language) and then the same road connects to Sheosar Lake (Jarba Xoo). Camping space is available in all three places mentioned. The most recommended camping location is next to Badha Pani (Large river). This road connects Skardu to Astore through deosai road.

Sheosar Lake to Chilim Road

Deosai road connects Sheosar lake to Chilim. There is another trekking route from Deosai to Chilim. Chilim is the next end of Deosai. The territory of Deosai starts from Sadpara and ends at Chilim valley.

The same Deosai road divides into two other branches at Chilim, the left turn connects to Astore valley and the right connects to Gultari village. The second name of Gultari is mini-Deosai. The sad news is, no one can visit either Astore or Gultari without a visit permit. The constraints are due to the sensitivity of the border area. In one go, Minimarg valley can also visit crossing the Gultari route. The restriction of travelling is nowhere from Skardu to Chilim. The best option for non-local travellers to start their trip from Skardu.

Car Hiring on Road to Deosai

For non-local travellers, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced driver and a four-wheeler having a healthy engine. Driving through Deosai road is a rough and tough job. Without a trustful driver and tour guide, the probability of life taking risks is so high. Life is prior to adventure, BE SAFE AND ENJOY.

Weather of Deosai

The weather of Deosai remains pleasant with medium speed cold winds. To keep the body warm in the cold winds of Deosai; better to bring thermal jackets, hiking shoes and socks. In summer, most of the areas of the plain fair and lush green. Snow view on a bit elevated points of the plateau.

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