Biosam and Chapchingal Pass Trek

Amazing Trek Route in Hunza | Biosam and Chapchingal Pass Trek

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Boisum and Chafchingol, two high passes in the remote Ghuzherav Mountains, link Shimshal village with Koksil on the KKH 17km west of Khunjerab Pass. Traversing the South and North Ghuzherav mountains makes for a spectacularly beautiful and challenging trek. Boisum Pass is not glaciated, but the higher Chafchingol is surrounded by deep glaciers. The approach to Chafchingol involves fording a deep, swift torrent several times and ascending Class 2 scree and loose rock. The descent is over a crevassed glacier. This trek is one of the most amazing trek routes in Hunza.

Route of Biosam & Chapchingal pass trek

This trekking is for those who love on being foot. After the arrival at Islamabad, all you need to drive to Chilas which at driving distance of 12 hours. Then to catch a driving machine to Karimabad for couple of hours more. The trekking point at Dutt which is at total traveling time of 8 to 9 hours from Chilas.

The trekking time from key trek points are:

  • Ziarat to Kuk (4 to 5 hours walk).
  • Kuk to Shimshal village (4 to 5 hours walk).
  • Shamshal to Forzine (6 hours walk).
  • Forzine to Arbab Pariyan (7 hours walk).
  • Arba Pariyan to Shujerab Pass (6 to 7 hours walk).
  • Shujerab to Shimshal Pass (5 to 6 hours walk) – Back by the same route.
  • Shujerab to Arbab Pariyan (5 to 6 hours walk).
  • Arbab Pariyan to Mahidur (7 to 8 hours walk).
  • Mahidur to Shopodin Pass 5150 meter (7 to 8 hours walk).
  • Shopodin Pass Mandi Kushlag via Boesam Pir Pass (7 to 8 hours walk).
  • Mandi Kushlag to Warbain (7 to 8 hours walk).
  • Warbain to Targeen (6 to 7 hours walk).
  • Targeen to Chapchingal Pass basecamp (4 to 5 hours walk).
  • CHapchingal basecamp to Chapchingal Pass and further to Kuksel KKH (10 to 11 hours jeep to drive you back to Passu).
  • Passu to Gilgit
  • Gilgit to Besham
  • Then Besham to Islamabad

The golden trekking to Hunza comes to an end.

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