Dr. Ajmal Sawand a man on mission killed in Sindh tribal dispute

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Prof. Ajmal Sawand was a deputy director of Sukkur IBA. He came from France with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. In France, he used to get 30,000 Pakistani rupees for an hour’s lecture, but he came back from France with the hope that I would teach my people. After returning to Sindh, he started his mission there. And today his relatives taught him a lesson by bathing him in blood. He was killed in a tribal dispute.

Ajmal Sawand got his early education from Cadit College Larkana. He studied hi computer science degree from UET Mehran back in 2002 to 2005. Soon after getting his bachelor degree, he moved to France for master and doctorate studies. Finally, Ajmal Sawand completed his PhD degree in 2015 from France.

Amjal served for 5 years in University od Paris from 2010 to 2015 as research analyst. Soon after getting his PhD degree, Ajmal left his lucrative job in France and moved to Sindh Pakistan. The idea behind this bold step is to educate the people of the motherland. 

Currently, Ajmal was heading the following departments and organization;

  • head of national freelance training program IBA University Sukkur.
  • Head of national incubation center IBA University Sukkur.
  • Deputy director at IBA University Sukkur.
  • Member of board of directors Sindh Public Procurement Authority.
  • CEO of Ryan Enterprises.

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