Advantages and Disadvantages to visit Skardu

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Skardu is an amazing place to visit on summer days. The months of May to August are the best time to visit Skardu in the affirmative. This city has all the nuts and bolts of tourism. The best hoteling facilities, camping facility at every corner, the street crime rate is zero and tourism police to guide tourist in all their means. The impact of the advantages factor is much higher than the disadvantages factor.

Advantages of Skardu Trip

Skardu is one of the few regions, where you can find all flavors of tourist points in one place. The advantage of visiting Skardu is you can get a chance to explore meadows, waterfalls, valleys, mountains, and lakes in one place.
All major tourist destinations of Skardu are within a range of 3 to 4 hours travel time. The whole circle engulfs with all flavors.

This is the list of tourist attraction sites in the region. This list only includes well-known destinations. It doesn’t mean that this list is the red book of tourist destinations.

The list of meadows is Deosai plains, Basho meadows, Khaplu Kaldaq Meadows, Balghar Xoq, and Hushe meadows.

The list of waterfalls in Skardu is the Manthoka waterfall, Khamosh waterfall, Basho waterfall, and Kharfaq waterfall.

Mighty valleys of Skardu Baltistan are Hushe valley, Khaplu valley, Keris valley, Shigar Valley, Organic valley (Organic village Skardu), and Basho valley.

Mountains of Baltistan: K2, Gasherbrum, Mashabrum, Haldi cones and Saltoro Kangri.

Lakes in the Skardu Baltistan region are Upper Kachura lake (Blind lake Kachura), Shangrilla lake, Blind lake Shigar, Blind lake Keris, and Hoto Chomik.

Disadvantages of Skardu Trip

The weather of Skardu and nearby regions is very unpredictable. There might be a chance to spoil your trip at any stage. It is again an opportunity for those who love the unpredictability of nature.

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