Adult film star Kendra Sunderland banned from Instagram, allegedly affair with CEO

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Famous adult star Kendra Sunderland Instagram account has been removed after violating the site public policy, she posted a photo claiming affairs with company’s CEO, which is rejected by the spokesperson immediately. Kendra later admits that she was not in peace while posting the specific content.

She also disclosed that her TikTok account had been blocked before for posting photos and videos of her own will.

Her slogan same as the same family of people to give complete freedom on social media, which is a social evil round the globe.

‘We all want the same freedom on social media and we all want the discrimination against sex workers to stop. But I hope that u find some sort of satisfaction or happiness to know that my account was disabled,’ Kendra Sunderland

“I’m also always blocked from posting on Tik Tok for stupid things other people get away with. These apps clearly target sex workers and I am not exempt. Still going to keep fighting tho for myself & for other sex workers.” Kendra Sunderland

“Over a billion people use Instagram and at times that means we make mistakes. This account violated our policies and we’ve now removed it,” Istagram spokesperson.

Instagram officials also added that “This person has no connection to executives at our company, and claims that she received preferential treatment are baseless.”

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