Girls kidnapping in Pakistan

A merely possible steps to FULLSTOP GIRLS KIDNAPPING in our society

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News of young girls missing is becoming a new norm in society. society is in dire need to drill down the root causes of such a huge social imbalance. Social media is no doubt a powerful tool that has two bullets includes for a good cause and a bad cause. The dominating bullet suppressed the other which is in the hand of the gun handler.

In the late 19s, there was no such abundance of social media platforms. Families are used to watching TV serials altogether. In those days, the fantasy of entertainment mostly relied on comics and fiction-based stories.

In the early 20s, when social media platforms emerged which gave birth to a new fashion of superficial self-display. It became a new norm which immediately replicated by the showbiz industry to attract public viewership. It was totally either a false or no calculated step toward the downfall of the social norms of our society.

If we look at the current time showbiz industry and its story writers’ psyche, they define love as a ‘relationship between a boy and a girl.’ In daily ads on TV, dramas, TV shows, and everywhere the same level of ultimate false intellectuality can be found.

Even ‘Pondi bazi’ is some sort of entertainment in the educational institute of Pakistan. Our young age is on the road which leads to nowhere. The impact of a wrong step taken just a decade ago is uncontrollable now. Funneling down pessimism from a bottle of negativity is merely possible.

Social media is the most powerful tool of the current time which we are using against us. The only way out of this menace is to provide the right education and awareness to young lads. Money-making machines like showbiz don’t care at all about the social norms.

Within a week, three kidnapping cases reported in Karachi. Dua Zehra and Nimra Kazmi under the spotlight. Which is the consequences of not taking the right step. Everyone enjoys the show and when it comes to bearing the cost, everyone blames and nobody accepts the fact.

We are a society, that needs to enforce our social norms on our own families. We are in dire need to give up all negativity on social media, news, showbiz, etc. the mind making process is dangerous we need to click on timely. It’s a time taking process. It’s better to start from today until too late.

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