High altitude porters of Hushe Gilgit Baltistan

High Altitude Porters from Hushe submitted K2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrum Ⅱ in summer expedition 2021

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An esteemed team of professional high altitude porters HAP from Hushe Ghanche are on an expedition to climb contiguous 8ers of Karakoram Range; K2, Broad Peak, and Gasherbrum Ⅱ.

Yousaf, Ilyas, and Inayat Hushevi scaled Broad Peak (8051m) on July 19, 2021. Shujjat and Zulfiqar Hushevi summited Gasherbrum Ⅱ (8035m), these two are also among the professional HAPs of Hushe.

A five-member HAP from Hushe is also summited K2 on 27 July, 2021. K2 expedition teams from Hushe are Ali Durrani, Yousaf Ali, Mushtaq Ahmed, Taqi Hushe, and Muhammad Hassan. The key sponsor of mission K2 is Muslim Commercial Bank MCB Pakistan.

This is the first instance in the history of Hushe valley to scale 8ers by 10 locals in a single expedition season. High altitude porters from Hushe are making their impact on the mountaineering world. They reminding the legacy of the living legend of Hushe Little Karim.

Sponsor dilemma of local mountaineers

Most of the well-trained and professional mountaineers of Gilgit Baltistan end up as HAP. The lack of financial sponsorship is the reason of quitting their passion. In the current time, a new dawn of sponsoring climbers arises in Pakistan, which will help to prosper this sports. Local climbers can also grab more foreign mountaineers in the region. Mountain tourism can be converted as a catalyst to support the economy. Nepal earned more than 50 million US dollars in expedition season 2021. We are behind more than ten times the Nepalese revenue from mountain tourism.

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