7 days trip Itinerary of Skardu

Itinerary of 7 days trip to Skardu Baltistan; Make it worth paying & full of FUN

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7 days trip itinerary of Skardu Baltistan. The best combination to explore the top tourist spots within 7 day. Before going for planning, a tourist must know the basic and key information about trip to Skardu.

Itinerary of skardu

Day 1 (Skardu arrival and explore the city)

  • Arrival at Skardu City
  • Arrival at Skardu Airport 11:00
  • Moving to hotel
  • Take a bath of blood freezing cold water and lunch
  • Evening at Kharpocho Fort (Famous for Skardu View point and sun set view)
  • Jeep booking for next day trip to Khaplu valley before going for dinner
  • Sleep early and start next day journey timely

Day 2 (Khaplu Valley)

  • Ideally, the journey should begins at 06:00 from Skardu
  • ‘Balghar Soq’ which comes along the way (stay time 2 hours)
  • Fish farms of Barah valley, comes along the way (1 hours Stay)
  • Checked-in Khaplu at 12:00
  • Choose a hotel and take lunch
  • Take a bath of cold spring water and drink couple of galss
  • Chaqchan Mosque (14:00 t0 15:30 stay time)
  • Yabgo Fort (14:00 to 22:00 stay time with Dinner in Serena hotel)
  • Back to hotel

Day 3 (khaplu valley, land of glaciers)

  • Jeep track from Khaplu to Hushe (4 hours travelling)
  • More than 10 stunning bridges comes alongs the way
  • Checked-in time at Hushe valley 10:00
  • Stay time at Mashabrum peak (K1) view point Hushe is 4 hours.
  • Return time is 13:00 after lunch
  • Saling Spangtoq (Saling lake, Khaplu view point) at 14:30
  • Boating, trout fishing, evening tea, sun set and some fun at Saling valley.
  • Back to Khaplu city at 20:00 for dinner

Day 4 (Kharmang, home of warerfalls)

  • Way back from Khaplu to Kharmang
  • Khamosh waterfall (expected time to reach 11:00)
  • Then Manthoka waterfall
  • Lunch at Manthoka waterfall
  • A complete day is required to enjoy these two tourist spots
  • Travel Kharmang to Shigar directly, good time to check in Shigar is 18:00
  • Choose a hotel to stay, Enjoy the night in galaxies

Day 5 (Shigar valley)

  • Shigar fort (need atleast 3 hours to explore)
  • Hashopi Bagh for pure fruits and nature
  • Explore Shigar valley
  • Explore Blink Lake (Jarba Tso) Shigar (Unexplored)
  • Return back to Skardu
  • Night stay of day 5 in Skardu and try some desi foods and hang around in open sky

Day 6 (Explore Skardu city)

  • Katpana Cold desert Skardu (just after breakfast, 8:00 to 10:00)
  • Upper Kachura lake; swimming, boating, cliff-diving and soulfull meditation
  • Shangrila resort (Lower kachura lake), Boating, dinner on lake side
  • Chomik (these destination to cover till 13:00)
  • Move towards Deosai, and ideal time to reach 16:00
  • Select a camping point, have some deep breath and enjoy night
  • Night photograpy of glaxies and musical night

Day 7 (Explore Deosai plain)

  • 1 week is even not enough to explore Deosai, but will be grapping key points only
  • Sheosar lake, Burzil or Murtaza top (Both can’t be possible to cover in single day)
  • Meadows, lakes and rivers
  • try to find out a BROWN BEAR 🙂
  • Will move to Chillim before sun set
  • Night stay in Astore
  • To reach Gilgit Airport at 9:30 to wrap up the journey

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